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Welcome to the CICR Vendors Page

This page contains a list of vendors we obtain our laboratory supplies and equipment from.

Living Systems

  • Microvessel equipment

Fine Science Tools, Inc.

  • Microdissection instruments (Vannas scissors)
  • other surgical instruments
  • hot bead sterilizer
  • We thank Fine Science Tools for sponsoring Dr. Fruzsina Johnson's August Krogh Young Investigator Award via the Microcirculatory Society.

Hatteras Instruments

  • Rodent tail cuff blood pressure systems
  • Metabolic cages
  • Excellent customer service
  • For information contact Richard Goodman

  Allegro Medical

  • Medical supplies (glucose strips)

  Cayman Chemical

  • Lipid research tools
  • ELISA kits (8-isoprostane, insulin)
  • Nitrate/nitrite kits


  • Oxidized LDL ELISA kits

  Pierce Biotechnology

  • Western blotting supplies
  • Immunohistochemistry supplies
  • BCA protein assay kit
  • Cytokine ELISA kits

  R & D Systems

  • Cytokine research tools

  TW Medical Veterinary Supply

  • veterinary surgical supplies (gauze, suture, wound dressing)
  • veterinary drugs (antibiotics, heparin, lidocaine, saline etc.)
  • excellent customer service


  • plasma renin activity RIA kit
  • erythropoietin RIA kit

 Dyets, Inc.

  • high and low NaCl synthetic rodent diets
  • custom rodent diets

 EMD Biosciences (Calbiochem, Novabiochem and Novagen)

  • arginase inhibitor
  • tempol

 Exocell, Inc.

  • diabetes research tools
  • rat and mouse albumin ELISA kits
  • glycated albumin (rat and mouse) ELISA kits
  • creatinine assay kit
  • Collagen IV (rat and mosue) ELISA kits

 Fisher Scientific Inc.

  • Basic lab supplies
  • Basic lab equipment (pH meters, stir plates, vortexers, balances, heaters, syringe pumps, etc.)

 Instech Solomon

  • Heparin coated catheters and supplies (CBAS)

 Kent Scientific (Rattus)

  • Animal anesthesia chambers
  • Tail cuff blood pressure systems


  • CardioCheck PA Analyzer (lipid panel: Total cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Calculated LDL Cholesterol from 40µL whole blood, glucose, ketone analysis)
  • coagulation monitors


  • pipets (Pipetman) and tips
  • repeating pipettors
  • other lab supplies (centrifuge tubes, boxes, ultrafiltration systems)

 Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

  • Antibodies
  • siRNA


  • chemicals, drugs

 Tiger Direct

  • computer supplies and equipment cheap

 Vector Laboratories

  • Immunohistochemistry supplies
  • Immunohistochemistry kits (ABC Elite)

 VICI (Valco Instruments Co. Inc.)

  • Gas chromatography supplies


  • scientific slides integrated into Power Point

ALPCO Diagnostics

  • immunoassay kits

Frontier Scientific (Poprhyrin Products)

  • porphyrins (heme and metalloporphying heme oxygenase inhibitors)
  • porphyrin related compounds (biliverdin, bilirubin, delta-aminolevulinic acid)

L.K. Goodwin Co.

  • Lab carts with power supplies included

George Tiemann & Co.

  • microdissection instruments (#5 jewelers forcepses)
  • other surgical instruments
  • cautery set
  • magnifying surgical glasses



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