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Welcome to the Vascular Biology Core Laboratory website. This laboratory functions as part of the Consortium for Integrative Cardiovascular Research.

We appreciate your interest and support of our scientific mission.


The Vascular Biology Core Laboratory's primary mission is to study regulation of vascular function at the cellular level. Our experties contribute to the mission of the Consortium for Integrative Cardiovascular Research by providing an in depth level of investigation beyond integrative (intact animal and whole organ) and microcirculatory (isolated blood vessels) studies.

Research Interests

The Vascular Biology Core Laboratory specialises in molecular techniques to study signaling and mechanistic regulation of vascular tone. We are interested in endothelial and smooth muscle cell function in health and disease. We use disease models where vascular cell function is altered, such as experimental models of hypertension, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and cardiovascular shock.


The Vascular Biology Core Laboratory is under the direction of William Durante, PhD, Professor of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology. The laboratory is staffed by trainess and technical experts.

Location and Contact Information

William Durante, PhD
Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology
School of Medicine
University of Missouri - Columbia
Columbia, MO 65212
Tel.: (573) 882-3886
Fax: NA


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