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Techniques Available Through the Consortium

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A sampling of our Techniques

Isolated Microvessels (arterioles) and Organ Techniques:

Pressure myograph

Flow-induced dilation

Nitric oxide measurements by fluorescent microscopy

Langendorff-pefused heart

Intact Animal Techniques:

Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output

Measurement of cardiac output using transonic flow probes

EKGs in anesthetized and awake rats

Long-term blood pressure measurements with chronic indwelling arterial catheters

Acute arterial pressure measurements in anesthetized rats

Acute renal functional measurements in awake rats


NTS/neural microinjections in awake animals

Bilateral neural deafferentation

Chemical/Molecular Techniques


Carbon monoxide measurements via gas chromatography


Lipid analysis

Western blotting

Cell culture

Flexastretch 2000

Porphyrin preparation and analysis

Unique Surgical Preparations

Renal denervation

5/6 renal reduction

Aortic-venacaval fistula

Gastric cannulae

Chronic bladder cannulae

Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery - sleeve gastrectomy

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